Aluminum Frames

As a resistant metal with a minimum coefficient of volume expansion, aluminum has a number of advantages. It does not crack, does not rust, and does not decompose. Also, it does not change its properties under the impact of sunlight, moisture, or temperature changes.

Profile advantages


One step ahead of our competitors! Premium-grade German anti-burglar accessories.
In their basic configuration, they combine many innovative practical solutions, which will be the standard for other accessories in the future.
The main feature setting WINKHAUS accessories apart is the ease of regulation of the sash, which the client can perform without the help of specialists.
The best accessories of European quality made in Ukraine. High reliability and functionality of accessories goes well with the price attractiveness of economy class systems.
The quality of KOMFORT LINE K-3 accessories is confirmed in tests run by an independent laboratory of the international certification institute IFT Rosenheim (Germany).
Unique accessories that are tailored for Schuco profiles only. They are made of special carbon fiber reinforced plastic and are not susceptible to corrosion.
Soft and quiet operation of these accessories makes their use comfortable.
Schuco VarioTec has a noble black color; this is why these accessories do not require any additional decor on their open parts. The main advantage of Schuco VarioTec is the availability of a system with hidden curtains.


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