PremiDoor 76. Hoisting-and-Sliding System. Enjoy More Freedom!

Say welcome to the latest architectural solution in the line of Kömmerling 76 mm window systems: PremiDoor premium-grade hoisting-and-sliding systems. Regardless of where you live (in the city or in the countryside) and what you can see from your window (from a flower garden to a dynamic metropolis), give yourself more space with the new PremiDoor 76 sliding systems. No more barriers: your home and its surroundings will now become one. Choose more freedom!


PremiDoor 76


ActivPilot fittings feature a proprietary locking system that is based on unique anti-burglary pins (locking pins) in the form of octagonal mushrooms. These mushrooms easily come into contact with both standard hooks and reinforced anti-burglary ones, as well as regulate the pressing of the casement to the frame. The standard complete set of fittings already contains 2 anti-burglary hooks.
The best accessories of European quality made in Ukraine. High reliability and functionality of accessories goes well with the price attractiveness of economy class systems.
The quality of KOMFORT LINE K-3 accessories is confirmed in tests run by an independent laboratory of the international certification institute IFT Rosenheim (Germany).
Thanks to the convenient location of the handle in the lower horizontal part of the window casement and the effortless closing / opening mechanism, the windows are easy to open, close, and switch to ventilation with a single hand. In particular, this will be useful for buildings with high ceilings or where access to the window is complicated by interior items: kitchen worktops, office desks, stairways and landings etc.
Fully concealed hinged window fittings with an elegant design. No curtains or decorative caps, which worsen the appearance of the window and interfere with washing. Thanks to the hidden curtains, the thermal insulation of the window is increased because no thermal bypasses are formed.
Today, activPilot Comfort fittings are the first fittings that have been able to recreate full natural ventilation of a premise regardless of the season and the only fittings that guarantee increased protection against break-ins in both the closed and the parallel ventilation modes. We can offer two models: activPilot Comfort PADK (the fittings combine 4 window positions) and activPilot Comfort PADM (the fittings are equipped with an electric drive, a touch panel, and a remote control; this model can be easily integrated into a smart home system).
A unique window system that allows combining mechanical burglary resistance and magnetic sensors that monitor the window condition. These sensors monitor the current position of the casement and prevent unauthorized access attempts; during these actions, the system sends an alarm to the security panel.
A door system that combines the power and reliability of mechanics with the convenience and functionality of an advanced electronic technology. Sky is no limit to the way to open your door; only your wish is! Available modes include: door opening with the help of a biometric scanner or with the help of a smartphone via Bluetooth or even with the help of a code panel or a regular remote control. The choice is yours. Then, the door is closed as simply, securely, and quickly as it is opened.


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